About the Archive

The Archivist

Some people express their appreciation of a person's career in a normal way and other people default to "research librarian" mode. The only other Rhys Darby projects I manage in addition this neocities site is the Rhys Darby Archive youtube channel and @rhysdarchive on twitter. I'm the only one running this site, but some content was found with help from the Totally Normal For Rhys Darby Association, who also helped select which images should be in the gallery. The Rhys Darby Archive on tumblr is run by another archivist, but the two of us work together on projects frequently. Any other projects with the same or similar name are unrelated to this site.

Ethical Guidelines

The intention behind this project was to create an easy-to-navigate library of all of Rhys Darby's projects, organized by type and by year. This site will never publish content from the Cryptid Factor patreon meant to only be accessible by patrons. We will also never publish images/videos of Rhys Darby's minor children or anyone else's children.